NG Youth

NG Youth


Years 3-7
$3 cost includes supper

What is NG Youth?
NG Youth is a gathering that happens every Friday night specifically for young people. NG Youth is designed for young people to have lots of fun, do crazy challenges, participate in great events and most importantly learn about God! NG Youth is a great place to meet new friends, have heaps of fun after a long week at school and discuss some of the big questions of faith. NG Youth is run by a great team of leaders who dedicate their Friday Nights to being fantastic role models and are responsible for making Youth possible.

What do we learn?
In Term 1, our teaching series is called, “What’s this all about?” This series will focus on some of the big questions surrounding faith, on topics like God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, what it means to be a Christian and much more. During NG Youth a Leader gives a short talk before everyone breaks off into small groups, where there can be discussion in greater depth.

How do I find out more?

Website: Keep on coming back to this page for update information.

Facebook: Like our Facebook pages to stay up to date on everything that happens at NG Youth!

Text Message: Communication also occurs via text message, come in on a Friday night and ask a leader for more details.

Youth Pastor: Chris Roberts – e: or m: 0466797913