LC Youth

LC Youth

LC Youth

LC Youth starts up again for term 3, as the current restrictions stand, these are the term dates for term 3!

Term 3 dates are Friday 24th of July through to Friday 25th of September. Please check out the dates below as the running of LC Youth may change from the normal Friday program.

Special EventDate
Welcome Back PartyFriday 24th of July
No YouthFriday 14th of August
Skate ParkFriday 21st of August
End of Term PartyFriday 25th of September
Parents, for more information, contact our youth pastor Woody on email,, for more details on how your kids can join in!
For Years 7-12
At LC Youth we create a vibe of young authentic energy and enthusiasm. Seeking to encourage and entertain, support and submerge ourselves in the good news of the gospel.

From 6-8pm we unwrap the Bible in its beauty and authenticity. Embrace and enlarge the relationships of different cultures and backgrounds of all high schoolers.

Following our vision having “Lives connected through Christ”.

LC Youth programs also run through our Sunday celebration services, check out below!

For years 7-8

Junior youth will join in ‘LC Mornings’ at 10am with a fun way of looking at the bible, finding new views to connect with their relationship with Jesus. To support each other and understand the value of Christ’s love being our highest priority of our faith.

For years 9-12

Seniors will meet at 5pm before our night service at 6pm for a relaxed ‘bible study’ focused at looking deeper in the life of Jesus and the values of leadership, faith and love. This time is set specifically for connecting to each other and growing stronger in our faith. Developing confidence in one’s identity found in Jesus Christ.

For more information, get in contact with our Youth Pastor Woody on email: