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At Northgate we have a growing Youth Ministry that aims to help high-schoolers enter adulthood as strong influencers in the Kingdom of God. Our Youth program runs every Friday in the school Term.


Details: Friday Nights during the School Term – 7-9pm – Years 7-12 – $3 cost covers dinner and snacks

Mission: Youth at Northgate will be free to discover, discuss, question and grow their faith in a relational, dynamic and fun setting that mobilises them to be all that God has made them to be!

What we do: Northgate Youth is a place where high schoolers can grow into all God has for them in a fun and relational setting. Each week at Youth we always have lots happening including:  Free Time, Games, Challenges, Bible teaching, Small Groups, Events, Theme Nights, Great Food and lots more!

What We Learn: All teaching at Northgate Youth is Bible-based. In Term 1 2019 Term Northgate Youth will be going through the Youth Alpha film series, a fantastic discipleship program that is suitable for a teenager with any level of faith or lack of faith. This series is interactive, discussion-based and holistic in its approach. It will last the whole term and includes a one night retreat which will be held at the Church (details to come.) Please check this link to read more:

Friday Night Dinner:

Every Friday during the School Term we have dinner at the Church at 6:15pm, in between the end of Kids Club and beginning of Youth Group.

This is a great time to eat good food and experience great community!

Friday Night Dinners are only for leaders, Youth Group and Kids Club attendees and their families.

Northgate 5pm Sunday Service:

Northgate’s 5pm Sunday Night Service has a thriving young adult and youth community attending each week. This is a great relational space for Youth to hear a relevant Biblical sermon, engage in great worship and have fellowship over a meal every week.

Northgate Youth Safety and Child Protection:

At Northgate Church, Safety and Child Protection are of the upmost priority and importance.

Northgate Church complies with all legal requirements and goes above and beyond to ensure Best Practice policies are practiced for the safety and wellbeing of every child.

Every leader involved in any Children’s or Youth Ministry has a verified, valid Working with Children Check and has completed Safe Ministry Training within the past three years. Our leadership team are regularly refreshing and updating their safe ministry practice and strive to ensure all children feel welcome and safe

 Youth Core Values:

Our core values shape and protect the Northgate Youth ethos and culture, ensuring we do not stray away from the mission and vision of Northgate Youth.

Youth-Orientated – Teenagers are in a critical stage of life. They are trying to solidify their identity, they are questioning, seeking, searching for belonging, acceptance, meaning and purpose. Northgate Youth’s programs and events are tailor-made for teenagers! A teenager will be free to be themselves, to question, challenge, make mistakes and have fun in an environment just for them!

Empowering – We believe each teenager in our ministry has God-given gifts and potential, even if they don’t realise it! We believe teenagers need to be provided with an environment that empowers them to realise all that God has made them to be; to discover their God-given identity and to be equipped and released to live a life for God’s Kingdom!

Dynamic – If there is one true thing about teenagers today is the constant change they live through. The influences of the internet, entertainment, media,  trends and their peers means a teenager lives a dynamic life where phases come and go rapidly. As a youth ministry we will be committed to being dynamic, learning the world and influences of our teenagers and adapting our ministries to suit so we can reach our teenagers for Jesus. We will not be scared of change or evaluation, understanding that the Gospel never changes.

Relational – Teenagers are incredibly social and are heavily influenced by their relationships in positive or negative ways. Northgate Youth never wants to be just a program or event, instead fostering environments of safety and belonging where relationships are priority. We believe strong relationships are necessary to discipleship, between teenagers, leaders and the wider Church. We aim to model Godly relationships of love, respect and forgiveness, which are counter-cultural to the world’s standards and so show Jesus’ transforming power in the lives of his followers.

Bible Based TeachingEverything in the Scriptures is God’s Word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live. The Scriptures train God’s servants to do all kinds of good deeds. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (CEV).  Northgate Youth’s teaching in any program has to be based on the Bible.

Youth Pastor Chris Roberts for more info.


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