Heroes of the Faith

Heroes of the Faith


On Palm Sunday, Peter Carblis skilfully connected the mission of Jesus and his Triumphant Entry into the City on Palm Sunday with the events that would later transpire with Peter. Peter sits as another Hero of the Faith and our final character for this series.


Sunday Morning we looked at Stephen, as we walked through the Narrative of Stephen in Acts 6-7 we compared the events of Stephen’s Martyrdom with those explained by Tertullian in 197AD and again the experience of 21 Coptic Christians in 2015. We examined the challenge of Martyrdom to our own faith as a community that might never have to endure a brutal death.


This message was given by Duncan Robinson and is called “The Bee and the Lightning”. We celebrate Deborah as a great woman of Faith but it was also important to talk about Barak in this story and see how a lack of faith can impact a nation. We looked at Man’s Propensity for Passivity, and how we should shift to a paradigm of Love.