Live Connection

Live Connection

“Empowering subsistent Christian leaders to be the hands, feet and mouth of Jesus Christ in developing nations.”

There are several benefits to supporting local pastors rather than using western missionaries, the main one being economical. For the cost of sending and supporting a single Australian minister in Africa, up to approximately 70 subsistent rural pastors and their families can have their basic needs met, giving them the means and conditions necessary to proclaim the gospel bringing Jesus to the people.

Another reason why local pastors are more effective is that there are no language or cultural barriers. The people of Africa can also be much more receptive to the message when it is told in their own words and in their own cultural tongue. They have the opportunity to hear the gospel of Christ told in a way that is more relevant to them and more applicable to their lives.

The $60 donated when sponsoring a pastor, goes directly to meeting his basic needs and those of his family, and is an incredible investment when you think about all the people who will meet Jesus. Live connection was started by Paul and Renee Ravesteyn, who are now team leaders for Northgate Church at Belrose.  Live Connection in the year 2000, and is now partnering with 150 pastors in 9 countries. Northgate has been partnered with Live Connection since the beginning, and will continue their support into the future.

To find out more information, please visit Live Connection’s website.