Financial Vision 2016

Financial Vision 2016


A Letter from Paul


As you have been observing, I am back from ‘long service leave’ af- ter building our family home in Belrose and Duncan Robinson is still here ministering at Northgate.

On my return from long service leave there was a strong affirmation of Duncan’s ministry here at Northgate and many people were say- ing, “Can we please keep him in our team and family!

My passion is that we would embrace Duncan, Carly, and their gor- geous family. Duncan has such a unique gift mix in which is so valuable to the growth of a “Mission Outpost” like Northgate.

Recently Peter Carblis chose to minister in the community in which he lives. The drive down from the Central Coast was too much for them both and fatigue whilst driving, at times, became dangerous. We miss Peter & Jenny immensely and the contribution they made to our community!

Duncan fills a valuable contribution that Peter gave to us whilst also bringing his own unique gift mix. He has been in ministry for over 15 years leading in churches over 1000 people in the USA. He has published 2 books and been a part of church-planting teams both in Australia and the USA.

So how do we keep Duncan?
We have a passion to grow the Pastor Partnership base of Live Connection throughout the Western World. Recently, a friend of mine from Greenacre has caught the vision of “Live Connection” and has committed to financing a Leading Management Role within that ministry to the tune of $6,000 per month. What a generous gift and I praise God for His abundant generosity in response to the cries of subsistent pastors across the Nations. From this generous gift we can allocate 2.5 days per week to Duncan, who is a perfect

fit for the role, and still provide the resources needed to fulfill the purpose of the funding.

The Oversight of Northgate affirms the appointment of Duncan for an additional two days per week, which will bring Duncan up to a 4.5 day per week workload to Northgate Ministries.

We can afford it! It will stretch us but not break us! It will mean a 15% lift in our financial contributions which is more than achiev- able as we anticipate the growth we are believing for in 2016.

The role Duncan will fulfill in his capacity as Associate Pastor is outlined below:

To assist and support the Senior Pastor, Northgate Ministries in the management and execution of the decisions and policies of the Board of Northgate Ministries Australia Inc. with particular refer- ence to:
1. The development and up to date maintenance of the “Web Site” ministry.

2. Technical Development and operation of social media; pub- licity and promotions.

3. Oversee and lead the “Welcome & New Comers Ministry”.

4. Compiling and maintaining the function of the Northgate Handbook.

5. Oversee the Evening Gathering and associated functions.

6. Lead the Teaching/ Preaching Ministry

Paul Ravesteyn

Senior Pastor



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