Elephant In the Room

Elephant In the Room

Our next series is going to be called ‘Elephant in the Room’ we are going to look at 7-specific topics that the church has a hard time dealing with internally, or perhaps shy’s away from having an honest and frank discussion.

1. Binge Drinking, will look at what the Bible teaches on Drinking along with the culture of Australia and it’s attitude towards drinking. We want to frame a healthy biblically focused chat about the nature of drinking in excess and how as Christians we should seek to live.

2. Addiction, will spring off Talk 1. We will look at the nature of addiction and specifically drill in on Romans 1. Looking at the nature of glorification of sin and ways that the Gospel of Jesus overcomes our weakness to bring new life.

3. Anxiety/Depression will look at the very real and present problems of anxiety and depression in Australia and then look at a Gospel centred approach to overcoming it. Having struggled with both of these, and knowing we have people in our crew who are struggling privately I feel it would be good to have an honest discussion about it.

4. Sexuality will take a pro-active role at examining sexuality and what it means for Christians, we will drill into a conversation specifically about PORN in the evening and chat about real dangers and the need for Christians to seek and live pure lives.

5. Financial Stewardship. Paul and I have been passionate about setting aside some time to have a talk about money and God, he will be leading this message at both services looking at a biblical approach to financial stewardship.

6. Marriage, an honest simple approach to what scripture says about marriage, what it is and why it is important to be bible believing on the subject as opposed to experientially driven.

7. It is a hot topic in the media and worth discussion seeing as though scripture talks at length about hospitality to foreigners and how we should respond as a church. I’m hoping to have a special guest speaker for that.



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