Dressing Right For the King – Weekly Devotion.

Dressing Right For the King – Weekly Devotion.

I should premise this post by saying, there is no dress-code for Sunday Church. Everyone is welcome to come as they are. An encounter with Jesus means you won’t stay as you are.

Sunday in 2 Peter we looked at Chapter One. Peter reminds us that everything has been given and done in advance for us. We respond to this from a position of love, not looking to earn love. Its a really important distinction.

So with increasing measure we put on Faith, Goodness, Knowledge, Self-Control, Perseverance, Godliness, Brotherly-Kindness and Love. These are the Kings clothes, fit for a banquet that we have an invitation to. Peter makes the point that Love should be the greatest measure.

Sometimes though we pull on our track pants, ugg boots and a sloppy joe. We dress comfortable in our faith. Pulling on Unproductive, Ineffective and Near-Sighted. The danger with dressing casual in our faith is we do not know the time or place we will be called to the King’s Banquet.

So dress sharp and pull on the Kings Clothes!


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