About Us

About Us

Our Vision: We are a kingdom-living church partnering with mission-hearted people growing fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Kingdom-living means living the authentic Jesus way. Mission-hearted means seeking God’s kingdom, not our own. Fully-devoted means helping others become all that God has made them to be by the power of his Holy Spirit.
We believe in:

• Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
• Biblical baptism by water immersion.
• The celebration of communion.
• The mutual ministry and servanthood of all Christians.
• The biblical authority of God’s word.
• The empowerment in this life through the Holy Spirit.
• Christian unity within the Kingdom of God.
• The mission of the great commission.

Our Values:

SERVICE: To be the hands of God in our church and community by living and giving with a servant heart, as an authentic expression of the love of Jesus in the midst of real-life circumstances.

TRANSFORMATION: To help others to be, transformed by the Word of God and His Spirit to become all that God has made us to be in wholeness and maturity.

EMPOWERMENT: To empower people into gifted service in order to build up the body of believers. Everyone can find a place to serve at Live Connection Church using their God-given gifts and talents.

INTENSIFY: To intensify the mission-heart of God, both locally and globally, by coming along side mission-hearted churches and their leaders, who are in positions that can impact and serve their communities for Christ.

GLORIFY: To glorify Jesus Christ in everything we do, for He is the ultimate reason for our existence, and the sole source of our loving motivation, passion and commitment.

Our Passion

As a church family our vision is to be a kingdom-living church partnering with mission-hearted partners to grow passionate followers of Jesus. We help our church to do this by reinforcing 4 vital “Live Connections” – with God, Each Other, Our Community and The World.

Live Connection World is our mission arm and central to our ministry. We partner with over 200 African and Asian pastors living below the poverty line in 11 countries. This partnership provides food, medical care and schooling for the pastor’s family, allowing them to pastor churches in small villages everywhere.


Live Connection Church (Northgate Ministries) is an independent Christian church officially affiliated with Churches Of Christ NSW: www.freshhope.org.au 

Get in touch with us at info@northgate.org.au