Our Heart

Our Heart

Northgate is a community church bound together by love for one another, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are dedicated to God in every way, and strive to glorify Him in all things. This is a place that you can come to, a community you can be part of, no matter who you are, or where in life you are coming from. We are a community that loves to worship the Lord, be equipped with sound Bible teaching and have all of this undergirded with prayer. We are a vibrant, authentic, local church that loves to celebrate life and God; the giver of life.  If you are looking for somewhere to gather and a community to celebrate God with, then Northgate may be the place for you.

What we believe

• Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
• Biblical baptism by water immersion.
• The celebration of communion.
• The mutual ministry and servanthood of all Christians.
• The biblical authority of God’s word.
• The empowerment in this life through the Holy Spirit.
• Christian unity within the Kingdom of God.
• The mission of the great commission.

Our Heart

The following core values are what we hold to unwaveringly as a church family. These 7 values represent Northgate’s Heart:

• Unconditional Love
• Impartial Acceptance
• Relational Health / Connectedness
• Life-long Learning
• Sacrificial Service
• Personal Giftedness
• Passionate Spirituality

Our Passion

As a church family we are deeply passionate to:

• GLORIFY Jesus in everything. He is our God; He chose us and loves us
• EMPOWER you to become all who God has made you to be
• INTENSIFY the mission- heart of Christ’s Church; seeing the world through His eyes.
• Be a SERVANT to all people
• Be TRANSFORMED into Christ-likeness by His Word and Spirit


Northgate ministries is officially affiliated with Churches Of Christ NSW: www.freshhope.org.au.